Frequently asked questions

A number of Frequently Asked Questions about our wedding services:
  1. Can you officiate our wedding at our reception venue?
    Yes! Assuming you [will] have a New York State marriage license, it is good anywhere in the state. We are licensed to officiate in the five boroughs of NYC, so we can officiate at any location in the state...from your backyard to the top of the Empire State Building. The best part is...anything goes! It's your wedding...we do it your way!
  2. Can Uncle Joe say a few words during our ceremony?
    Yes! Of course, in a traditional wedding ceremony, there are a few readings that need to be done. Uncle Joe (or Aunt Sally, or Bert the Cop) can do one or more of the readings. In a contemporary wedding ceremony, these are often poems or song lyrics that have special meaning to the couple. And of course, if you want your friend or relative to give a homily or say a few words of encouragement or a blessing, we can incorporate it into your ceremony.
  3. Can we write our own vows?
    Of course! And if one or both of you don't feel like Alfred Lord Tennyson today, we can send you some sample vows to give you some ideas. We recommend getting us a copy of your vows at least two weeks prior to the ceremony date so we can have them printed up for you on card stock. Attempting to memorize your vows is generally a not a great idea.
  4. Can we include our children in our ceremony?
    Absolutely! We have several suggestions for the inclusion of either young or adult children. Blended family ceremonies, commitment vows, unity sand ceremonies, etc. can all be excellent ways to include your children. Of course, if you have a special idea, we'll be glad to incorporate it into the ceremony for you.
  5. Do you provide a copy of the ceremony to us in advance?
    We will provide a detailed outline of your entire ceremony in advance of the wedding upon request, so that you may review it and/or design your ceremony programs. On the day of the wedding, you will receive a bound souvenir copy of the complete ceremony, including all readings and your unique vows.
  6. We are from different faith backgrounds. Can you still do our wedding?
    Of course! Interfaith ceremonies, nonreligious ceremonies, and custom blended ceremonies are some of our specialties. We can help design a ceremony that respects both traditions and incorporates the values and customs of each. We work with a number of rabbis and cantors and can co-officiate an interfaith ceremony if that is what you want.'s all about YOU.
  7. We aren't religious. Can you still marry us?
    Absolutely. Although Reverend Gary is an ecumenical Christian minister, in New York marriage is actually a civil contract between the parties, and does not require religious solemnization. He is authorized to officiate at any type of wedding ceremony...religious, nonreligious, interfaith...whatever suits you as a couple. More than a third of our ceremonies have been either nonreligious or "religious lite."
  8. Do you perform same sex weddings?
    Yes. We are LGBTQ-friendly, because we believe that ALL people have the right to marry the person that they love. Period.
  9. How long are your ceremonies? We have scheduled a half hour.
    No problem! Of course, since each ceremony is unique, we can't tell you exactly how long yours will be until its actually written. In general though, an average ceremony lasts between 15 and 25 minutes, depending on the particular ceremonies included. The good news is that provided you aren't waiting on Uncle Ted, who's running late, and we start on time, that means your cocktail hour opens a little early!
  10. Can we elope for insurance reasons and still have a ceremony?
    Absolutely! A lot of couples get married sooner than announced. We can marry you now in an elopement ceremony, and also officiate the formal ceremony on the scheduled day. If you're already married, all we need to see is your official marriage certificate, and we can perform the wedding ceremony without a problem. It is illegal to perform a "fake wedding," so you actually have to be married already for us to do this.
  11. How long have you been doing this?
    Reverend Gary has been ordained for almost four years, and has officiated at nearly 100 ceremonies. He has worked with LI's top wedding vendors at dozens of venues around the island.
  12. What do you charge?
    Our prices are all based on the distance to the venue. No matter if your ceremony is simple or complex, short or long. We utilize a standard written contract to lay out the terms of our agreement, including pricing...please see our PRICING page for details.