Let us help make yours perfect!
Weddings can be formal events with hundreds of guests at a fancy catering hall; casual affairs at a winery, restaurant, or yacht club; informal gatherings in your back yard or on a beach, or they can take any one (or a combination) of countless other forms. We can tailor your ceremony to the type of event you want, and make your dreams of a beautiful wedding day come true! ​​
Various Wedding Types
Whether you choose a ​​traditional religious ceremony, a contemporary spiritual ceremony, an interfaith or blended ceremony, or a non-religious civil ceremony, Reverend Gary will work with you to help you determine what you would like on your wedding day.  Reverend Gary is also willing to work with any custom ceremony you create.​​

In this day and age, more and more couples elope or have quick civil ceremonies (whether they announce them to the public or not) for tax, insurance, and any number of other reasons. We can accommodate your [perfectly legal] elopement to get you officially married, and then perform your "real" ceremony on your big day in front of your family and friends. one will ever know!

It's your wedding day. Let's make it special and memorable together!
Religious Ceremonies
Secular Weddings
  • Christian 
  • Nonspecific Religious (mentions God, but not Jesus)
  • Other Religious (Non-Christian) Traditions
  • Interfaith and Co-celebrated
  • Spiritual Ceremonies
  • Traditional wedding ceremonies (i.e. Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, etc.)
  • Non-religious Ceremonies (no mention of God)
  • Civil Ceremonies
  • Simple or Formal Weddings
  • Elopements & Quickie Weddings

Basic Elements of a Ceremony

  • Processional - Entrance of the wedding party
  • Invocation - Introduction of the couple​​​
  • Declaration of Intent - Verbal declaration of couple's intent to wed
  • Exchange of Vows (and Rings)
  • Pronouncement - Marriage is declared official
  • Recessional - The wedding party exits
A number of cermony elements and traditions are listed below. Please ask about including them or adapting them to your ceremony. Reverend Gary is particularly adept at making each couple's ceremony unique to their personal love story.
Once your ceremony's basic elements are planned, it's a matter of customizing the rest of the service to your wishes and desires. We can accommodate your family, cultural or religious traditions in many ways.
Customizing Your Ceremony
  1. Prayers
    Many religious ceremonies include a prayer given by the officiant. This can be custom-worded or it can be a commonly-known prayer, such as the Our Father (Lord's Prayer).
  2. Readings
    Poems, religious texts, literary passages, and/or song lyrics can be read by the officiant, members of the wedding party, or family and friends.
  3. Charge to Couple
    Charge to Couple
    Similar to the Declaration of Intent, a charge has the officiant emphasize the seriousness of the marital contract to the couple. It is often punctuated by "I agree" or "I understand."
  4. Blessings
    A blessing can be offered by the officiant or a member of the wedding party. Blessings can be religious or secular. Our most commonly requested blessings are the Blessing of the Hands, the Blessing of the Rings, and a final Nuptial Blessing.
  1. Love Letter Box
    Love Letter Box
    A sort of "time capsule" for the couple, in which they've exchanged letters expressing their love for one another, often sealed in a box with a special bottle of wine, to be opened and shared at some future date.
  2. Knot Ceremonies
    Knot Ceremonies
    A number of spiritual ceremonies symbolizing the unity of the marriage (handfasting, lovers' knot, fisherman's knot) can be customized for your ceremony.
  3. Unity Ceremonies
    Unity Ceremonies
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  4. Rose Ceremonies
    Rose Ceremonies
    The couple exchanges roses with each other as their first gift to each other as a married couple, and/or gives roses to important people in their lives (parents, grandparents, other family members) as an expression of their love for them.
  1. License Signing
    License Signing
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  2. Music or Soloist
    Music or Soloist
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  3. Memorials
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  4. Breaking of Glass
    Breaking of Glass
    A Jewish tradition in which the groom breaks a glass (wrapped in a cloth) by stomping on it with his foot at the end of the ceremony.
Reverend Gary is an ordained Christian Minister, and a Licensed Wedding Officiant in the City of New York. He can officiate at your marriage anywhere in the State of New York. Religious, civil and blended ceremonies are fully customized in accordance with your wishes.

​We welcome and provide services to all couples, regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, creed, color, sex, age, disability, or country of national origin of any party.
Reverend Gary always tries to arrive at least one hour prior to your ceremony start time. This gives him time to work out the details regarding the license signing, setting up any items needed for your unity, rose, or love-letter box ceremony, and attending any rehearsal or run-through with your maître d' or bridal attendant. He will communicate with your other vendors (musician or DJ, photographer and/or videographer) to make your ceremony flow smoothly. 
If you don't want an unsightly microphone stand or an awkward handheld mic in your photos, Reverend Gary can supply his own microphone and wireless receiver (a nearly invisible headset for him and a second clip-on lavalier (lapel) mic if needed for the bride/groom). The wireless microphone(s) transmit to a Shure BXL188 dual-channel wireless receiver (with 1/4" or 3.5mm jacks) to hook into ​​​​your portable speaker or DJ's sound system. 
  1. Basic Ceremony (Save $50)
    If all you want is a no-frills, fill-in-the-blanks ceremony, we can accommodate with a beautiful , simple ceremony that will be sure to please you. Save $50 off our regular price for your wedding ceremony.
  2. Custom Ceremony (Personalized for YOU)
    Brookhaven Town $400 Other Suffolk County $425 Nassau County $450 Brooklyn/Queens $550 Other New York City $600
  3. Elopement Ceremony (Weekdays Only)
    Get hitched quick! Come to my house or the park around the corner, bring your valid marriage license and two (2) witnesses (you can have up to 10 people if eloping at the park), and I'll marry you "quick and simple." $75 at my home or $100 at the park.
  4. Portable Amp (for outdoor events)
    If you're getting married on the beach or in a park, and you don't have a DJ or sound system, Reverend Gary can provide a self-powered, portable amp with an input for your MP3 player for just $50 additional. Just provide someone to operate the MP3 player and you'll be marching down the aisle in style!